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About Us

The God Encounter Church is a prophetic and deliverance ministry. The prophetic mantle comes in the form of  signs, wonders and miracles. Our ministry brings healing, restoration and accurate insight to believers. Our Apostle, Tony Ervin, has been known to deliver accurate prophecies that have restored families, marriages, and ministries. They’ve also healed many from  demonic oppressions and from satanic strongholds.

GEC is a proactive teaching ministry. We believe that the messages taught on Sundays should lead to growth on Mondays. We help those who seek to grow religiously to find and know God.

Apostle Tony & Pastor LaSherrie Ervin

See What We Believe At The God Encounter Church

Apostle Tony Ervin

From age 18 until now, Apostle Tony Ervin’s small group bible study has evolved into a global ministry, carrying out his assignment in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Apostle Tony Ervin strongly believes in demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting, often confused, world. Known to be a conduit of our Lord Jesus Christ, he has repressed demonic strongholds on the oppressed through the power of Christ and ministered healings and miracles to many. Apostle Ervin is married to Pastor LaSherrie and the father of two sons, Abraham and Andre. In September of 2015 they established God Encounter Church, headquartered in Houston, Texas. In 2016, Tony Ervin was ordained an Apostle in The Lords Church.

Pastor LaSherrie Ervin

Pastor LaSherrie Ervin, affectionately known as First Lady to the congregation, has been involved in ministry all of her adult life. After serving seven years in the United States Air Force, she is now in her 20th year of work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a project manager with a Bachelor of Business Administration and has served faithful in ministry alongside her husband, Apostle Tony Ervin for the 12 years of their marriage. First Lady draws from her education and business acumen to effectively lead the women’s and children’s ministries at God Encounter Church. In 2016, LaSherrie Ervin was ordained as Pastor. LaSherrie is the mother of two sons, Abraham and Andre.

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