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Have you ever questioned why you have yet to experience the Supernatural experiences and manifestation of Christ in your life? Are you stuck between thirsting for more of God or just giving up? Have you ever truly heard the voice of God? These are all questions many believers have on their quest and journey for MORE! But what happens when even MORE, still isn’t enough? An encounter, a God Encounter is what happens!


Through the page-gripping story of his life journey, Apostle Tony Ervin breaks down his journey that led to his crying out to God to fully encounter Him, the true source of ENOUGH! In fact, being in God’s presence is MORE THAN ENOUGH! Caution, this easy read will bring about life-changing unctions to help you fully cry out for time in His presence and for a true Encounter with the Most High. Prepare your heart and mind to never be the same again.


Apostle Tony Ervin is President and Founder of God Encounter Church, an international ministry known for its supernatural services that have touched and transformed the lives of those who have traveled to Houston, Texas to witness unforgettable Spirit-led services.  He is equipped with the prophetic gift to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through accurate prophecy, instantaneous healings, and tireless demonstration of unconditional love. This apostolic anointing is currently producing some of America's most influential kingdom builders that are also actively changing the world!

Pre-Orders Will Ship After the Release Date 12/25/19

Pre-Orders Will Ship After the Release Date 12/25/19

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